My husband and I bought a lot in Henrico County to build a house, but almost gave up our dream of building our own home after some set backs. Several people suggested we get in touch with Jeff Graeber, who had built their homes or had done remodeling projects for them. We had interviewed various builders by then but, after hearing so many positive reviews and meeting with Jeff Graeber in person, we chose Graeber Homes to build our home.

It has been over a year now since we began our project (addition) to our home on Santa Clara. After about eight or nine months with you and Curtis around fairly regularly, Eleanor and I began to feel that you all were going to be permanent fixtures around here. We have missed you the last few months, but I am glad the bills have stopped coming. Please come back regularly- without invoices.

Carol and I cannot begin to tell you how pleased we are with our new addition. All of the people you had working on this project were craftsmen. I particularly want to recognize your lead person, Curtis. I cannot recall observing a person who paid as much attention to detail and demanded perfection in his work.

We used Graeber Homes for our original home construction, as well as two separate renovations. Everything was handled very professionally and any questions were promptly answered. Our input was always sought and any concerns addressed.