Here is an outline of the general process to starting a project without a set of plans:

  1. Initial meeting on site-The first meeting where ideals, design, materials and questions are discussed to develop the preliminary estimate. Site conditions are also considered.
  2. Preliminary estimate-Based on the Initial meeting, the preliminary estimate is meant to ensure that the project is within budget, and that employing an architect or architectural designer is worthwhile
  3. Meeting with Architect or Architectural Designer and Jeff Graeber- Here we meet once again on site and bring the architect or architectural designer up to speed so he can draw the preliminary drawings.
  4. Preliminary Drawings-An exciting part of the process when the vision comes to life on paper.
  5. Preliminary Drawing Estimate-Basically a comparison of the preliminary estimate to the preliminary drawings
  6. Final Drawings and Proposal-Documents, including the contract and specifications, are presented for review and signing.
  7. Permit Application-At the appropriate jurisdiction.

If you have a set of plans, the process involves meeting and reviewing the site and the specifications so the proposal can be developed. Throughout the process, Graeber Homes will provide an open book estimate that helps clients understand the budget and gives them the knowledge to make adjustments according to their wishes. A selection guideline with contact information for the various suppliers is helpful during the process of picking materials, finishes, and fixtures. Graeber Homes has developed an impressive list of suppliers that are experts in their field, and they have worked for a long time together.